Global Transfer Market 2014 Report
Global Transfer Market 2014 is designed to give readers a comprehensive picture of the global market to enhance transfer market knowledge and support decision makers including, clubs, member associations, intermediaries and other stakeholders in their transfer strategy analysis.

This edition focuses even more closely on analysing market trends, as we are now able to rely on comprehensive transfer data from three consecutive years. It also provides unique insights into market activity and mobility patterns, transfer fee spending, player characteristics and the involvement of intermediaries in player transfers, as well as case studies.

Available only in English.

Featured Highlights:

  • Brazil was the most active country in the market with 746 incoming transfers and 656 outgoing transfers
  • The total value for international transfer fees was USD 3.7 billion
  • The most common transfer involved players aged 25 years and 3 months
  • There was an increase of 31% in club intermediary commissions paid for international transfers

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