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Global Transfer Market 2015

Want to know who the top spenders in 2014 were? What region is engaging more and more players each year? What are the most sought after nationalities? At what age are players the most expensive?

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Featured highlights include:

  • In 2014, the total number of international transfers worldwide continued to increase to 13,090, while the total transfer fees set a new high above USD4 billion
  • Once again in 2014, Brazil was the most active country in the transfer market with 1,335 international transfers. Brazilian players were also the most sought after players worldwide (involved in nearly 1,500 transfers).
  • Did you know the top 10 countries represented as much as 81% of the total transfer fees worldwide in 2014?
  • England spent USD 1.17 billion (29% of the total); a new record high.
  • USD 236 million was spent on club intermediary commissions for international transfers in 2014, representing a steady growth of 27% per year on average since 2011 (USD 131 million).
  • Ligue 1, Liga, Serie A and Premier League club-to-club comparison in number of international transfers and transfer spending in 2013 and 2014.
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